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Podcast Episode #32 – The Power of Your Voice

How Do You Use Your Voice?

Do you use your complete voice when you speak? Or is the sound that comes out of you merely a shadow of what’s possible? Does your voice feel powerful and strong, or does it sound fragile, unstable or small? Can you confidently express yourself in any situation, or do you find yourself repeating the same bad habits again and again, and feeling like your voice is stuck inside you?

For most people, the voice that comes out is a drastically reduced version of how their complete voice could sound. And in order to get to know our true voice, we need to uncover the physical, emotional and mental blocks that are limiting us. So if you’re curious about what a voice is, and what you need to do to truly use yours, then stay tuned!

Revolutionise Your Relationship to Your Voice!

Do you want to have an empowered relationship to your voice, and be able to use it confidently in any situation? Then join me for 1-to-1 voice training sessions. In our time together, I’ll create a holistic program around your specific needs and wishes.

You’ll get:

  • An individually tailored voice training program specifically focused on your voice needs and goals
  • Direct feedback on your vocal challenges with guided exercises to help you overcome them
  • Voice theory with clear explanations, so you understand what you’re doing
  • Recorded exercises, so you can practice what you learn during in your own time too
  • Repeated practice using real world material such as speaking material related to your work

I’ve developed my unique voice method from over twenty years of international experience as a professional singer and voice coach. It’s infused with body awareness techniques, mindfulness practices and transformative tools. My technique is fun, highly effective and easy-to-use. I’ve witnessed its power in over 200 clients, and it’s my pleasure to share it with you now.

Let’s get started…


Kirbanu xox

Use Your Voice with Power & Impact

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