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As a Yoga Teacher Your Voice Matters

As a yoga teacher your voice guides students throughout your class. From the moment they step onto their mats it creates a class atmosphere, connects students to their breath, guides them in meditation and leads them through practice. Your ability to speak clearly, confidently and with mindful impact when you teach is critical for a successful class.

Imagine a yoga class without a voice?! It tells your students what they need to do and makes them feel a certain way during their time with you. Used intentionally, your voice is your most powerful resource for connection and when you develop it as a yoga teacher you’ll be able to:

  • use your voice as a tool for mindful connection
  • have more impact with fewer words
  • guide your students with ease and purpose
  • have more time to assist students in their own personal practice 
Photo of Kirbanu performing during a Yin Yoga class at Hot Yoga Koeln to yoga and voice training students

How You Use Your Voice for Yoga Teaching Matters

Yoga teaching is vocally intensive! Whether you teach once a week or live from it, it’s critical to maintain the health of your voice. If you don’t understand the mechanics of how your voice works, then you’ll use it incorrectly, placing unnecessary strain on your voice when you teach. Done continually over time, you run the risk of voice problems leading to severe vocal damage, including:

  • Burning and scratching when you speak
  • Hoarseness during teaching
  • Needing to swallow or cough whilst speaking
  • A lack of power in your teaching voice
  • A loss of tone when teaching
  • Voice cracking whilst teaching
  • Raspiness in the voice
  • Vocal tiredness
  • Tension in the neck, throat, jaw and tongue 
  • Voice loss
  • Nodules on vocal chords

I'm learning so much from your Voice Course for Yoga Teachers. I love, love, love it!

Annie AuAnnie Au Yoga, International Yoga Teacher Training Programs

Oh Yoga Teacher, Don't Make My Mistake!

I understand the stress that happens when you lose your voice from teaching because it happened to me. Due to long teaching days and incorrect voice use, I lost my voice completely. This was extremely stressful as I lived from teaching and singing and not having my voice meant canceled classes and concerts. In meant no work for over four months!

Something good came out of this, however, as it drove me into two years of research about what the voice is, how it works and how we can best use it when we teach. I practiced everything I learned on myself, developed my own techniques for speaking and singing from this, and I’ve never had an issue since. That was over eight years ago!

I distilled what I learned about the voice into my workshops and training but, wanting to do more for the global community of yoga teachers who struggle with voice issues, I created an online course specifically for yoga teachers. In it you learn the tools I use every day to speak effortlessly. And let me tell you, there is amazing freedom in this! Once you know how to use your voice correctly to speak and teach you:

  • no longer experience anxiety before teaching
  • know what to do if a voice problem arises
  • have tools to care for your voice between classes
  • know how to use your voice to guide your students through sequences
  • be able to create an atmosphere with your voice that matches your intention for your class
  • be 100% confident in your ability to express wholeheartedly and authentically!

The Online Voice Training Course for Yoga Teachers

This is a short voice course based on real voice science that’s anchored in self-awareness. At the end of the course you’ll understand exactly how your voice works and how to use it in the healthiest way when teaching yoga.

You’ll free yourself of any limiting beliefs you may have about your speaking voice and your teaching ability. The beliefs that hold you back from being 100% confident when you speak will be transformed. Through this course you’ll develop more love and acceptance for yourself, embrace your voice as a powerful for connection and be able to teach your classes with ease and joy!

I know how busy life can be, which is why this 3 hour course has been broken down into short videos that you can watch at your own pace. There’s a theory book and audio exercises that come with the course to help you and the course is also super portable! You can take it with you wherever you go and can even login to the platform on your phone and watch the videos from there.

In each of the videos I share information about the voice and then guide you through practical exercises. It’s so personal that when you do the exercises with me, it’ll feel like I’m in the room with you. And you have unlimited access to the material so again, it’s a course you can do comfortably at your own pace!

Improve Your Teaching Voice Today!

Be the Best Yoga Teacher You Can Be

Understanding how your voice works and using it confidently when you teach lets you to be the best yoga teacher you can be.  Through it you’ll:

  • Speak with confidence, influence & impact
  • Lead powerful classes with a clear intention and memorable atmosphere
  • Have more impact with what you say and say less
  • Create an authentic relationship with each of your students
  • Maximise the chance of students returning to your classes
  • Maintain the health of your teaching voice over the long term
  • Nurture and nourish your teaching voice 
  • Deal with nerves & anxiety when teaching
  • Combat any voice issues that arise when teaching

“I felt so encouraged & inspired learning from Kirbanu!”

Lisa GackleYoga Teacher, South Australia

“Kirbanu was really warm, easy to work and gave me the freedom to work on the things I loved the most. The voice lessons allowed me to approach singing in a whole new way and with really small concepts. I noticed a big change right away and can’t wait to do more!”

Tessa LeonCo-owner, Power Living, Adelaide Australia

“This training completely transformed how I use my voice!”

Melanie MellerStudio Owner - Nalu Yoga Studio, Moers Germany

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