Make Your Voice Count!

1-to-1 Voice Empowerment Coaching

Whether you're working with clients, students or professional colleagues, if you’re not able to express yourself in a calm, clear and effective way, then your expertise won’t hit its mark.

In this exclusive setting together, I’ll teach you to unlock your complete voice and express yourself confidently, with clarity, ease and impact in any situation.

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Release Your Authentic Voice!

1-to-1 therapeutic voice & self-expression coaching

In this intimate setting together, I’ll help you heal the blocks holding you back from a free flowing voice and your truest self-expression.

You'll develop a loving relationship to your voice, appreciate how it sounds, and feel confident expressing yourself and your needs in any situation.

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Sing Your Voice Free!

1-to-1 Online Singing Training

Singing is a beautiful, embodied experience you get to enjoy. Understanding how to use your singing voice correctly, and consciously releasing any blocks that suppress your singing voice, opens you up and allows you to enjoy the simple act of singing more.

In this exclusive setting together, I’ll teach you how to sing with joy and ease, wherever and whenever you wish to!

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SamanthaSocial Media Manager, Germany

Kirbanu is such a wonderful soul! Our sessions gave me so much courage. We worked with physical exercises that brought me into the here and now and that I can use again and again in everyday life. Thanks to Kirbanu, I see my voice as a tool for self-connection and regulation. I trust myself and my voice more now!

DianaAuthor & Psychologist, Germany

I always feel so blessed after our sessions! I've been working with Kirbanu for 6 months and a lot has happened in different areas of my life, because the voice also represents so many beliefs, topics and wounds in us... Through connecting to my true voice, many new doors have opened up for me and I experience a whole new quality of life.

Daria H.Teacher & Coach, Germany

Working with Kirbanu is so much fun! Her exercises are easy to understand and practice. I noticed changes almost immediately after beginning our sessions in how I use my voice at work.

Mellie M.Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist, Germany

The voice empowerment coaching with Kirbanu completely transformed how I use my voice for my work.

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