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What Is Human Design?

Human design merges components of astrology, the I’Ching, the Kabbalah, and the chakra system to develop an extensive manual that assists people in exploring their internal worlds. By identifying patterns, strengths, and weaknesses, Human Design offers a path to greater fulfillment, aligning your life more closely with your deeper nature. Unlike other systems influenced by external factors, Human Design connects you to your body’s intelligence, encouraging you to trust your inner authority. 

What is the Background of Human Design?

The origin of Human Design is both fascinating and mystical. Ra Uru Hu, originally named Alan Robert Krakower, the creator of Human Design, was previously an advertising executive. His life took a significant turn in 1987 during his residence in Ibiza when he underwent a profound mystical experience.

Over eight days, he received what he described as a “voice” from a higher intelligence.

This voice imparted the knowledge that would become the Human Design System. In 1992, this knowledge was compiled into a book. Ra devoted the following 25 years to further developing and educating people about the system.

His dedication continued until his death in 2011. Ra Uru Hu’s legacy lives on through the Human Design System, which continues to help people understand themselves better. 

What are the Benefits of Human Design?

Self-Understanding: By providing a detailed map of your unique energy patterns, Human Design helps you understand yourself better. 

Improved Decision Making: The system’s focus on inner authority guides you to make decisions aligned with your true self. 

Improved Relationships: Gaining insight into your design and that of others can enhance communication and interpersonal connections. 

Personal Satisfaction: Aligning your life with your unique design fosters a more genuine and satisfying existence. 

Stress Relief: Recognizing and embracing your innate traits can lessen the pressure to conform to societal norms. 

How to include Human Design in your Daily Routine

Identify Your Type: Human Design classifies individuals into four primary types: Manifestors, Generators, Projectors, and Reflectors. Each has its own strategy for interacting with life. 

Adhere to Your Strategy and Authority: Every type has a distinct strategy and authority. For instance, Generators are advised to respond rather than initiate actions, while individuals with Emotional Authority should wait until they achieve emotional clarity before making decisions. 

Experiment: Human Design is not a rigid system. Experiment with the guidance it provides and observe how it impacts your life

Evaluate and Adapt: Continuously assess your experiences and make adjustments to your practices as necessary

Helpful Starting Tips for Exploring Human Design

Get a Professional Reading: While you can learn a lot on your own, a professional reading can provide deeper insights and clarify complex aspects of your chart. 

Start with the Basics: Focus on understanding your type, strategy, and authority before diving into more advanced aspects like your profile and Incarnation Cross.

Patience: Human Design can be quite different from other self-discovery tools. Practice patience with yourself and embrace the process of gradual transformation.

Keep an Open Mind: It encourages self-trust and self-awareness, guiding people to make decisions that are true to their nature rather than influenced by external pressures. By comprehending and accepting your individual design, you can maneuver through life with increased ease, clarity, and contentment. 

The Purpose of Human Design

Human Design aims to empower people to live in harmony with their true selves, fostering authenticity and alignment in their lives. It encourages self-trust and self-awareness, guiding people to make decisions that are true to their nature rather than influenced by external pressures. Embracing and understanding your unique design allows you to approach life with more clarity, ease, and fulfillment.

The types of Human Design

Manifestors: Representing about 9% of the population, Manifestors are initiators who put energy into action. Their approach involves informing others of their decisions to prevent resistance and anger. 

Generators: Making up 70% of the population, Generators are the energy-creators. Their strategy is to respond to life’s invitations rather than initiate. When in alignment, they experience satisfaction, while frustration indicates they are off track. 

Projectors: Comprising 20% of the population, Projectors are guides and leaders. Their tactic involves waiting for invitations to impart their insights. When they do, they experience success; otherwise, they may feel bitterness.

Reflectors: Comprising just 1% of the population, Reflectors serve as mirrors to their surrounding environment. Their strategy involves waiting through an entire lunar cycle before making significant decisions, ensuring alignment with their surroundings. 

Experimentation is Key!

Human Design emphasizes the importance of experimentation. Your chart is not a life sentence but a starting point for exploration. By experimenting with your design, you can discover what truly works for you and live a more fulfilling life.

Exploration is important in Human Design. It means trying things out to see what fits best for you. Your Human Design chart is like a map of your energy, showing how you work. But it’s not set in stone. You can use it as a guide and try different things to see what makes you feel good.

Your chart tells you things like your personality type and how you should make decisions. But it’s not like rules you have to follow exactly. Instead, you can use it as a tool to learn about yourself. By trying different ways of doing things that match your chart, you can figure out what works best for you in different situations.

Experimenting with your Human Design helps you break free from thinking you have to act a certain way. Instead, you get to discover what feels right for you. This helps you understand yourself better and live a life that makes you happy and feels true to who you are.

Reasons to Consider Exploring Human Design

Human Design can be a great tool for self-discovery and personal growth.

Understanding your unique blueprint and putting its ideas into practice can help you live life in a truly authentic and clear way. From that moment forward, you can commence the experimentation. To truly benefit from Human Design, start by obtaining your chart and learning about your specific type.

This initial step can provide insights into your inherent strengths and tendencies. From there, you can allow yourself to experiment with the guidance and see how it impacts your daily life.

As you delve into Human Design, you’ll find that it offers a unique perspective on how you interact with the world. This understanding can facilitate more informed decision-making and foster a profound sense of fulfillment.

Human Design revolves around living in harmony with your authentic nature. By experimenting with its principles, you may discover new pathways to personal growth and satisfaction.

Podcast Episode #27 – You Carry the Entire Universe Within You!

All About Human Design, plus so much more!

In this quirky and inspiring interview, I chat with Stephanie Loeber from All About Human Design, about personal development, self-expression and the power of Human Design in personal transformation. The leading expert on the topic in the German-speaking world, Stephanie is as informative as she is authentic.

A dear soul, who’s deep passion in evident in every word she speaks, in our chat Stephanie explains how she got into Human Design, what it means to be the leading expert for training in her field, and how she’s managing the explosive growth of her business. A former voice coaching client of mine before beginning her own podcast, we chat about the necessity of voice quality, vocal confidence and self-expression as businesswomen.

Towards then end of our inspiring chat, Stephanie kindly guides me through a reading of my own Human Design chart and shares a future business plan she’s never before revealed publicly!

Warning, this chat contains a lot of love, laughter and inspiration.

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