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Find Your Voice and Use it Confidently!

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Why everyone needs voice training

Find Your Voice & Use it Confidently

Your voice is your most powerful resource to connect with people. It’s the tool you use to speak your truth and express yourself. If you’re not getting the results you want from your voice – the way it sounds and how you use it – then you urgently need voice training.

Whether it’s for everyday speaking, teaching or singing, your voice impacts how others see you and understand your message. Voice training teaches you to develop your voice and be able to use it in any situation with 100% confidence, power and impact!

Your Voice and Your Identity

Your voice is a fundamental part of your identity but do you use it in a way that expresses who you truly are? Do you like how your voice sounds when you speak?

Does your voice match the picture others have of you or the one you have of yourself? Can you use your voice confidently in any situation?

Voice Training Means You’ll Never Have Voice Problems Again!

Not understanding how to use the voice correctly is like not knowing how to walk or stand properly. Over time, we develop bad habits, weaken the voice and limit our self-expression. The voice problems we’ll experience without voice training include:

  • Vocal fatigue and voice loss
  • Loss of vocal power or volume
  • Hoarseness when speaking or singing
  • Burning, itching or scratching sensations when speaking or singing
  • Feeling like the voice is trapped in our throat
  • Frustration and fear when needing to speak
  • A loss of confidence when speaking
  • Withdrawal from conversation with others
  • No confidence in your own singing ability

Use your voice with power & impact!

Use Your Voice with Confidence, Power & Impact!

Finding your voice requires understanding the role your body and mind play in your expression. It involves seeing the impact your emotions, thoughts and limiting beliefs have on you and mindfully working with them.

Through voice training you develop self-awareness and self-acceptance which allows you to:

  • Improve your vocal pitch, projection, articulation and sustaining power for speaking and singing
  • Know how to change the way your voice sounds to support what you want to express
  • Transform limiting beliefs into powerful energy to fuel your voice when you speak or sing
  • Overcome fears and have unwavering confidence in your ability to effortlessly express yourself
  • Experience comfort, joy and ease when you speak or sing
  • Become the best communicator you can be and effortlessly share your message with the world
  • Build your voice into a powerful, expressive, healthy instrument that you love using

Let Go of Fear’s Holding You Back!

Training the voice has a positive effect on our entire personality. As we learn to speak with impact, clarity and confidence we let go of fears holding us back and transform our limiting beliefs. This self-empowerment ripples across every facet of our lives. Our overall confidence increases. We feel more playful, experience more joy and become more connected to ourselves.

Be it for speaking or singing, the transformation you experience by training your voice will positively affect every part of your life. You’ll learn how your unique voice works and how to use it in the way you need to express yourself in your personal and professional life.

Voice training is useful for anyone but especially for people in speaking intensive professions such as teachers, coaches, therapists, salespersons and public speakers, as well as for anyone wishing to develop their singing voice.

This is more than voice training! I learned more about being present in my body than in 500-hours of my Yoga Teacher Training. This completely transformed how I use my voice to speak, teach and sing!

Melanie MellerYoga Studio

Voice Training Sessions

My goal in our voice training together is to create a holistic program around your specific needs and wishes. If you wish to strengthen your voice and feel more confident when you speak or teach, we will focus on that.

If you’d like to learn to connect to your emotions better when you express yourself, that will become the goal of our voice training together. If you wish to experience the joy and freedom singing brings, then we will work on that in our voice training sessions.

During our sessions you’ll get:

  • A voice training program specifically focused on your needs and wishes
  • Clear feedback on your vocal challenges with guided exercises for how to overcome them
  • Voice theory with clear explanations and exercises so you understand what you’re doing
  • Voice exercises so you can practice what you learn during in your own time too
  • Repeated practice using material based on your goals such as speaking exercises related to your work or songs you’d like to sing

Whether your goal is to find your genuine teaching voice, to speak with more power or sing with confidence, I can help you.

Book your trial 45 minute online coaching session with me and experience how quickly transformation can happen!

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