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Podcast Episode #51

What does it mean to have voice power?

Your voice is one of the most powerful tools you have to create change in the world around you. Learning how to master the power of your voice can have a significant impact on how other people experience you and the way your message is received.

So, in this podcast episode, I explain exactly what voice power is, and I share some helpful tips for how you can access yours!

How to Find it?

Connecting to the power of your voice doesn’t just mean understanding how to alter your volume, tone or pitch, but rather, it means consciously embodying your vocal expression as you speak. It means being completely aware of your vocal production and the energy that you’re sending into the world through what you say, and how you say it.

For example, by speaking with confidence and conviction, you can capture the attention of those around you and leave a lasting impression. Or by channelling love and tenderness, you can help others to feel safe and secure around you. It’s all about how you say, what you say. Your intention matters 100%

One of the easiest ways to experience your true vocal power is through toning whilst channelling (connecting to) different emotional states. For example, if you want your voice to sound confident, then imagine confidence. It helps to use the body here. So for confidence, try “becoming big.” Expand your chest out, a little like a pigeon, and stand tall. 

Or, if you’d like to have a tender voice, then imagine feelings of tenderness within you. Perhaps place both hands over your heart and feel how this gentle connection makes you feel. Allowing your voice out whilst consciously channelling these states helps you access your true voice power!

And remember, whether you’re singing your heart out in the shower, chanting mantras or repeating affirmations to boost your confidence, your voice has the power to transform the way you feel, improving your mood. So take a deep breath, find the power of your voice, and use it to boldly share your message with the world.

Jessica, GermanyHuman Resources

Kirbanu trains so much more than just the voice. Her work transforms the body, mind and soul. Kirbanu uses playful exercises and effective techniques to help me connect to my authentic voice and change any block or beliefs holding me back. And she does it with a lot of heart and humour!

Marie Brauburger, GermanyText & Copywriting Coach

Voice training with Kirbanu is really fun! She creates a trusting atmosphere and has an incredible number of tips on how to use and cultivate your own voice. I've only had a few sessions, and I'm already seeing huge progress 🙂 Speaking freely in front of the camera is much easier for me now!

Samantha, GermanySocial Media Manager

Thanks to Kirbanu, I see my voice as a tool that shows me in which situations I can relax more or where there may still be issues or beliefs that need to be resolved. I trust myself and my voice more now!

Kelly, FranceProject Manager

This work was amazing! Kirbanu taught me to let my whole voice out!

Diana, GermanyAuthor & Psychologist, Germany

Kirbanu has been with me for 6 months now and a lot has happened in different areas of my life, because the voice also represents so many beliefs, topics and wounds in us... Our self-expression, lived out freely and safely, opens up many doors and gives us a whole new quality of life. I'm so grateful for this work!

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