Free Livestream Masterclass

Unlock Your Voice!

A Free Livestream Voice & Expression Masterclass

Transform Your Relationship to Yourself & Your Voice!

with Kirbanu, Australian Singer, Voice Trainer & Empowerment Coach

Choose Your Date:

Option 1 – Sat 19. June at 19:00 Berlin time (UTC+2)

Option 2 – Sun 20. June at 10:00 Berlin time (UTC+2)

Your Voice is Your Most Powerful Resource!

Your voice communicates your thoughts, feelings, intelligence and personality with the world. The way you speak and how you sound shapes the opinion people have about you and how they feel around you. So what does your voice say about you? Can you truly express yourself through it?

In this free, livestream Masterclass I’m sharing easy-to-use, proven tools from my 15 years’ experience as a voice empowerment coach to help you unlock your complete voice and express yourself confidently in any situation! In 1-hour you’ll learn how to:

Use your voice in a healthy, clear way
Speak with confidence & impact in any situation
Use your voice to set clear boundaries with others
Stamp out your inner critic blocking free expression
Lovingly embrace your unique voice & sound

This is a once-off event and places in it are limited. To book yours, please choose 1 of the 2 dates and times below.

Choose Your Date:

Option 1 – Sat 19. June at 19:00 Berlin time (UTC+2)

Option 2 – Sun 20. June at 10:00 Berlin time (UTC+2)

“I felt so encouraged & inspired learning from Kirbanu!”

Lisa GackleAustralia

“This work was amazing! Kirbanu taught me to let my complete voice out!”

Kelly SendenFrance

“This training completely transformed how I use my voice!”

Melanie MellerGermany

About Kirbanu

I’m Kirbanu, an Australian musician, voice trainer and empowerment coach based in Germany. My passion is using sound and the voice as tools for meaningful connection and personal transformation. To date I’ve performed over 600 concerts, and given over 100 masterclasses, in the last 6 years across Europe and Australasia. I simply love guiding others to experience the freedom and joy that a holistic connection with their own voice and body brings!

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