The Mindful Morning Practice

An Empowering Framework to Transform Your Day and Your Life

  • Begin your day with clarity, curiosity and a growth mindset
  • Change the behavioural tendencies holding you back
  • Navigate challenges with self-awareness and calm
  • Sidestep anxiety and improve your ability to experience happiness

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About the Mindful Morning Practice

The Mindful Morning Practice centres around nine reflective questions. In under ten minutes these prompts help you transform anxiety and uncertainty, priming you to begin your day with clarity, curiosity and a growth mindset. You’ll learn to change behavioural patterns holding you back, calmly navigate challenges, and experience more joy – allowing you to create the day, and the life, you wish for.

What you’ll get

  • 110 mobile optimised pages delivered in 13 chapters explaining the 9 questions and their use
  • Background information, scientific explanations, relatable examples and a clear process for answering each question
  • A detailed list of references and recommended further readings
  • A printable worksheet for daily use
  • An optional guided audio meditation
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The Mindful Morning Practice

Transform Your Life with This Empowering Framework Today!

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A Note from the Author

This practice began out of personal need and necessity. Three years ago I struggled with anxiousness and negativity to the point that I sometimes didn’t get out of bed. Knowing I couldn’t live an empowered life like that, I developed this practice to help me transform my mindset. Since then, it’s been paramount in reducing my anxiety, increasing my self-acceptance, and improving my overall life satisfaction. I truly believe it can do the same for you!

How to Get the Most Out of the Practice

  • Before you begin, read through the guide in its entirety
  • When you do the practice, answer the questions in the order given
  • Daily repetition and the intention behind your answers strengthens the work
  • You can do this practice as an individual, couple or in a group
  • Use the worksheet provided to help you answer the questions
  • A guided audio meditation is available if you need more structure
  • Join the mindful morning community for additional support and inspiration
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The Mindful Morning Practice

Transform Your Life with This Empowering Framework Today!

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About the Author: Kirbanu

Australian singer, songwriter, voice coach, and mindfulness practitioner.

Hi there, I’m Kirbanu! I fuse music with mindfulness techniques to create empowering experiences that educate and inspire. From mindful music events to guided meditations, from holistic workshops to online voice coaching, I’m passionate about creating uplifting experiences that enhance your wellbeing, leading towards greater joy and fulfilment.

I’m also the founder of One Woman Tribe – an online community for creative female entrepreneurs – and host of the One Woman Tribe Podcast, which shares the stories, routines, tools and tips of inspirational women successfully living their creative life.

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The Mindful Morning Practice

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