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Podcast Episode #50 – The Effects of Mantra

The science behind Mantra

The much awaited episode for Kirbanu, with Dr. Gemma Perry. She is a mantra specialist and a phD. Gemma investigates the effects of chanting meditation on the emotional and cognitive processes. She is really looking at how mantra and chanting specific sounds can reduce our stress, increase our sense of connection and ultimately expand states of our awareness.

Throughout this episode Kirbanu picks Gemma’s brain while she goes in depth about some of the different fascinating things she has uncovered in her phD why investigating what is actually happening to people while they chant mantra! If you are interested in altered states, mantra, and the profound effects of mantra and chanting this is the episode for you! Enjoy this very very cool and very deep-dive chat with Gemma Perry.

Stay in Touch with Gemma

Want to learn more the effects of mantra on the cognitive processing or learn more about Gemma’s work. She’d love to connect with you through these links!

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