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Podcast Episode #28 – Listen with your whole body

Sound Healing & Learning to Be Embodied

In this awe-inspiring interview, I chat with Eliza Neo, a Berlin born yoga teacher, sound healing guide, meditation coach and breathing teacher. Eliza and I share a mutual passion for music, and you’ll soon understand why, as we deep dive into the world of sound and vibrational medicine in this chat.

Eliza, a passionate and knowledgeable teacher, talks about her personal sound healing experience, and those she has witnessed through her work; about the healing power of sound, and the importance of having embodied tools to help us find our individual truth and stay connected to the depth within.

Near the end of the episode, Eliza shares her personal idea of success and how important it was for her to define exactly what success means. This episode will leave you running to your nearest sound healing journey or mantra medicine events to experience the vibrational power we speak about. Come home to yourself through the wisdom we share in this beautiful episode.

Stay in Touch with Eliza

Want to learn more about sound healing, yin yoga, meditation and coming home to yourself using the beautiful tools Eliza shares? Then get in touch with her via her website, podcast or contact her on Instagram. She’d love to connect with you there!

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