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Podcast Episode #48 – Somatic wisdom through Ashtanga yoga!

Deep Dive into Ashtanga Yoga

In this week’s episode I sit down with the lovely Monica from Omstars. An incredible yogi focused on the practice of Ashtanga Yoga. Monica radiates depth, consciousness, and awareness. Not only does Monica share the wisdom of yoga and the body but she also is the program director of Omstars.

To kick off the episode Monica talks about how she found her practice of Ashtanga yoga. Later Monica talks about how Ashtanga yoga supported her in the exploration of the philosophical underpinning of the practice of yoga asana. Kirbanu and Monica also deep dive into a chat about the somatic wisdom of the body. Monica so beautifully explains how the practice of ashtanga yoga teaches us the language of the body so we can listen to the somatic wisdom within it.

When we tap into the body we are feeling into the experience of the body, we are not looking for the body to speak in the spoken world. When we tune in this way to our bodies we can see where there are patterns within us that no longer support us, where things are getting stuck, and where we are holding onto things.

If you’re ready to listen to or interested in the wisdom of the body, putting the body first, learning from the body, and stepping out of the mind then this is something special for you.

Stay in Touch with Monica

Want to learn more about connecting to your bodies somatic wisdom and the philisophical side of the Ashtanga yoga practice?

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