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Do you want to experience the pleasure singing brings?

Then I’ve got a newsflash for you! You don’t need to be Adele to enjoy singing 😉 You don’t need to get up on a stage or even sing to others to appreciate your singing voice and feel the freedom singing brings.

Singing is a beautiful, embodied experience you get to enjoy! It strengthens your connection with yourself, unlocks your creativity and boosts your joy. Understanding how to use your singing voice correctly, and consciously releasing any blocks that suppress your singing voice, opens you up and allows you to enjoy the simple act of singing more.

In this exclusive setting together, I’ll teach you how to sing with joy and ease, wherever and whenever you wish to!

Let’s get started…

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Sing your voice out!

Online Singing Training

Singing can be a fun, joy filled act for you to enjoy. Whether your goal is to connect to your authentic voice and sing it out, to sing with more ease and less tension, or to have more confidence singing, singing training will help!

Our singing training sessions will teach you to:

  • Let your singing voice out from a place of joy
  • Channel your vocal power and feel completely connected to yourself when singing
  • Use correct singing technique to invite more ease into your voice
  • Enjoy how your singing voice sounds and the way you use it
  • Express yourself creatively through music, melody and rhythm
  • Feel more confident when singing for yourself or others
  • Transform judgements holding you back from enjoying your singing voice
  • Maintain your singing voice in a healthy and sustainable way

Please book in a 30-minute trial session with me to learn how we could work together.

ClaudiaHuman Resources, Switzerland

Kirbanu is a very professional and experienced singing teacher. She gives good and understandable tips and gives her lessons with a good dose of humor and empathy. After the lesson I always feel light and happy.

WenckeChild Carer, Germany

I am so happy to have discovered Kirbanu! It's a lot of fun working with her. Her exercises strengthen my connection to my voice and thus to my self-expression! I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to work on their voice. Be it for music or just to express yourself better or to loosen up. I love it 🙂

SabineMarketing, Germany

Kirbanu explains everything so lovingly and gives valuable tips and voice exercises that you can incorporate into everyday life. Learning to sing gave me energy. I use this work primarily to deal with my stressful everyday life and to support myself in my process of becoming a more mindful being with more self-love.

Mellie M.Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist, Germany

Taking singing lessons with Kirbanu is a lot of fun. I learn so much from her about how to release my voice from tension and I feel the difference already! She's helped me to enjoy singing again.

Singing Training for Your Unique Voice

I want you to completely enjoy your singing journey and celebrate your achievements along the way. To support this, our sessions take place online in a loving, completely non-judgmental and joyful space.

During our singing training sessions, you’ll get:

  • A specific program to develop your unique voice
  • Voice theory with clear explanations and exercises, so you learn to sing correctly
  • Vocal scales recorded as audio files on WhatsApp, so you can practice what you learn between the sessions
  • Continual practice working with songs you enjoy singing or would like to be able to sing
  • Direct feedback on challenging areas in your singing voice with guided exercises for how to overcome them

My unique singing method is fuelled with over twenty years of international experience as a professional singer and voice coach. It’s infused with body awareness techniques, mindfulness practices and vocal science. This technique is fun, highly effective and easy-to-use.

I recommend my singing training clients have regular sessions with me at intervals of every 2-3 weeks. To discover how I could work with you, please book in a 30-minute trial session with me.

Sing Your Voice Free

Find joy in your singing voice!

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