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Podcast Episode #49 – Shakti Softness!

Embrace your Shakti Softness

This episode is full of juicy information about shakti insights, where Kirbanu gives you some insight that might help you get through this holiday season. The holiday season is a time when we are sometimes pressured into being consumeristic, triggered by our families, and maybe even indulging too much in food and alcohol. A time where we sometimes neglect our softness and forget to connect to the powerful shakti energy within us. This holiday season Kirbanu invites you to just say, No. Walk away from the expectations and embrace your softness, create space for the unknown and feel the feminine energy within you.

To start off this episode Kirbanu shares a powerful experience she had of reaching a posture that she never thought she would be able to get into in her yoga practice. And how this posture represented so much more than just a shape. That she felt soft, and was able to connect to her strength and stability and femininity. This experience allowed Kirbanu to see the true importance in shakti softness and slowing down. When we have softness and flexibility in our everyday lives, and stop getting forced into this society’s need to push ourselves and complete more things, we can achieve more. There is power in softness. So if you are interested in shakti energy and embracing your softness this is the episode for you!

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