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Podcast Episode #47 – Self Aceptance

Do you question yourself?

In this inspiring episode about Self Acceptance, Kirbanu talks about something she sees within herself, in her clients, in her friends, colleagues, and even in her family. This topic is pressure. The expectation that we find ourselves under in our life. This pressure that we put ourselves under in this society of social media. Wanting to be better, to do more, to want to be liked, all of these things stemming from our culture, the ones who raised us, the people around us.

Kirbanu goes into depth talking about how social media trains us to compare ourselves to everyone else. It removes us from our humanity, from who we are, and it confuses us because we think we need to be a certain way to fit in. But we don’t, you need to be you. How can we become aware of these beliefs within ourselves, and decide which ones we want to keep? Only from the place of knowing who we are, and self acceptance, can we speak our truth, and express ourselves freely. All of these topics that Kirbanu talks about in this episode are things that she speaks about in her upcoming course. If you’re interested in self acceptance, and how to cultivate it within yourself, tune in and listen to this episode!

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