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Raw honesty, true devotion and pure soul.

Conscious, New Age Music

A traveller within the world, and in herself, Kirbanu’s Sufi & Yogic roots inform the boundless depth and transcendent aura tangible within her music. The Australian songbird’s longing to touch the Divine heart is immediately perceptible. Her ethereal vocals & hypnotic melodies transport audiences to uplifting, healing realms, revealing to them the vastness of their own heart.

In her wish to bring devotional, new age music into the contemporary landscape, she combines folk, pop and ambient elements, fusing the acoustic guitar and atmospheric soundscapes together with a timeless voice of endless beauty. The result is engaging, sensitive music brimming with raw honesty, true devotion and pure soul.

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Kirbanu’s New Age Music Live

To experience Kirbanu live is pure magic. Her voice, the energy of the mantras and her music bring every atom into a high vibration and touch all levels of being. It is a wonderful experience!

Carina, GermanyOwner & General Manager (Ayurveda Parkschlösschen)

Kirbanu you touched me so deeply with your concert! Thank you for the energy you shared and the way you filled the entire festival tent full of pure love!

Pascal, GermanyLife Coach & Training Center Owner

Experiencing Kirbanu's music live is like a divine experience! With every note, she opened my heart up until I was moved to tears of joy and gratitude. Her music has the power to heal and uplift the soul.

Caroline, AustriaOsteopath

Kirbanu's music is very special! Her voice resonates with a purity and vulnerability... it's like listening to angels. Her music is a treasure that I love to share with my clients during their healing sessions to help transport them into a state of deep peace.

Parmis, GermanyHealer

Kirbanu! Your music is amazing but experiencing you live is just something else! Wow!!!! Thank you for touching me so deeply and shower every level of my being in this divine energy.

Alberto, GermanyInvestor
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Kirbanu’s New Age Music on Spotify

A true Bhakti, Kirbanu’s music is both inspirational and authentically human. A passionate lover of life, her lyrics invoke both the honesty of the lived human experience and the mystical yearning for transcendence. 

Raw honesty, true devotion and pure soul.

The Conscious Concert Experience

Be immersed in the transformative tapestry of The Conscious Concert Experience; a journey into the heart of yourself through soul-stirring melodies, healing harmonics and devotional energy. Kirbanu’s music; her ethereal voice and heartfelt longing to touch the Divine, facilitates a sacred space that transports listeners to uplifting, healing realms, revealing to them the vastness of their own heart.

To date, Kirbanu has performed over 800 concerts and given over 100 workshops and masterclasses throughout Europe and Australasia in the last 10 years, including festival appearances at: 2023 Ayurveda Festival (DE), 2023 Yoga Vidya Music Festival (DE), 2023 Om Days (CH), 2022 Ayurveda Festival (DE), 2022 Yoga Days (AT), 2022 Yoga Vidya Music Festival (DE), 2022 Summer of Love (CH), 2021 Yoga Days (AT), 2020 Berlin Digital Yoga Conference (DE), 2019 Yoga Vidya Music Festival (DE), 2019 Darmstadt Yoga Festival (DE) 2019 Summer of Love (CH), 2017 Maifeld Derby (D), 2017 Adelaide Fringe (AU), 2017 Perth Fringe World (AU) and 2016 Blue Balls (CH).

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Host a Conscious Concert Experience

Elevate your community offerings! Invite Kirbanu to share The Conscious Concert Experience at your yoga centre, or community space. Get in touch to chat about the possibilities.