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Podcast Episode #45 – Neuroscience in Yoga!

Mind body connection!

Sit back and enjoy because in this weeks episode Kirbanu sits down with with Dr. Svenja Borchers. Svenja is a neuroscience expert, yoga teacher, and author! In this episode Kirbanu and Svenja drop into a fascinating conversation about all about how we can connect to our true selfs through the experience of connecting with our body. And the understanding that the body and the mind, are one working unit. Svenja talks about how her knowledge of neuroscience helped her understand that our brain and our body are one functioning unit so we can’t separate it. We feel our body because our brain makes us aware of it!

To wrap the whole chat up in a bow Svenja goes into her new book she just wrote. The book is all about neuroscience in yoga and how she has brought the two together, marrying the mind body connection!

Stay in Touch with Svenja

Want to connect with Svenja and read her book? You can connect with Svenja over on her Instagram, or become part of her community on facebook! If you’re interested in Svenja’s book you can click the link below as well!

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Jessica, GermanyHuman Resources

Kirbanu trains so much more than just the voice. Her work transforms the body, mind and soul. Kirbanu uses playful exercises and effective techniques to help me connect to my authentic voice and change any block or beliefs holding me back. And she does it with a lot of heart and humour!

Marie Brauburger, GermanyText & Copywriting Coach

Voice training with Kirbanu is really fun! She creates a trusting atmosphere and has an incredible number of tips on how to use and cultivate your own voice. I've only had a few sessions, and I'm already seeing huge progress 🙂 Speaking freely in front of the camera is much easier for me now!

Samantha, GermanySocial Media Manager

Thanks to Kirbanu, I see my voice as a tool that shows me in which situations I can relax more or where there may still be issues or beliefs that need to be resolved. I trust myself and my voice more now!

Kelly, FranceProject Manager

This work was amazing! Kirbanu taught me to let my whole voice out!

Diana, GermanyAuthor & Psychologist, Germany

Kirbanu has been with me for 6 months now and a lot has happened in different areas of my life, because the voice also represents so many beliefs, topics and wounds in us... Our self-expression, lived out freely and safely, opens up many doors and gives us a whole new quality of life. I'm so grateful for this work!

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