An Australian mantra musician & voice empowerment coach

How I Found My Voice

Hey there, I’m Kirbanu 🙂 In the last 10 years I’ve given over 800 concerts and voice masterclasses across Europe and Australasia. I’ve released 5 albums and have performed at over 20 festivals and conferences.

I’m an expert trainer for voice and mantra/Bhakti on yoga teacher training programs worldwide, as well as being a presentation and speech coach in the corporate sector.

But the road to expressing myself freely and using my voice with confidence, clarity and impact wasn’t straight. What I learned through my journey, lead me to develop the unique, powerful and proven tools I’m teaching you now.

SamanthaSocial Media Manager, Germany

Kirbanu is such a wonderful soul! Our sessions gave me so much courage. We worked with physical exercises that brought me into the here and now and that I can use again and again in everyday life. Thanks to Kirbanu, I see my voice as a tool for self-connection and regulation. I trust myself and my voice more now!

DianaAuthor & Psychologist, Germany

I always feel so blessed after our sessions! I've been working with Kirbanu for 6 months and a lot has happened in different areas of my life, because the voice also represents so many beliefs, topics and wounds in us... Through connecting to my true voice, many new doors have opened up for me and I experience a whole new quality of life.

Daria H.Teacher & Coach, Germany

Working with Kirbanu is so much fun! Her exercises are easy to understand and practice. I noticed changes almost immediately after beginning our sessions in how I use my voice at work.

Mellie M.Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist, Germany

The voice empowerment coaching with Kirbanu completely transformed how I use my voice for my work.

My Voice Story

I’ve been fascinated by the voice since I was young. But I grew up in a challenging environment where I learned to limit my expression and hide my authentic voice. Although I deeply wanted to be a singer, music and creativity were not encouraged in my home. Instead, I was taught to pursue something “useful.” I learned to be a “good girl” – to use sweet words and be sweet sounding, but this didn’t make me happy.

When I began singing lessons at 14, my teacher told me I sounded horrible. At 21, a viral infection to my vocal cords damaged them so badly that I needed speech therapy for months afterwards to learn to speak again. All these setbacks and frustrations, only served to fuel my fascination with true vocal power and individual self-expression. Deep down I knew there was another way – a way to a confident, clear, authentic voice – and I was determined to find it!

So I studied music and theatre, and trained with vocal experts around the world. In parallel, I studied yoga, meditation and transformative coaching. Through this, I developed my own, unique approach to the voice and self-expression. 

Thank you so much for the Express YourSELF! course. It helped me so much. It made me realise that I had to love and accept myself more. That I had to set boundaries and say no more often. So I did. Now I say yes, yes, yes! And I feel so much better for it.

Kelly SendenProject Manager, France

Express Your SELF!

My vocal journey deeply enriched my life. Learning to unlock my complete voice helped me access my true potential. It brought me home to myself, taught me self-love and acceptance. Being connected with my vocal power gave me confidence. And knowing how to use the influence of my voice in any situation, boosted my self-esteem when I was once very shy.

When we free our voice from its restrictions, we free ourselves too. We open up to our complete potential and share that power, beauty and presence through every sound we utter and each word we speak. It’s a liberating journey that enhances every aspect of our lives.

My training programs are easy-to-use, proven and effective. I’ve witnessed their power in myself and in countless clients. And it’s my passion to share them with you, too. Because you are unique. Your voice is unique, and I believe you have a message to share that the world needs to hear!

Let’s get started…


Kirbanu xox

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