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Are you curious about Mantra? Do you want to use them as a transformative tool in your daily life? Would you like to experience the peace, freedom and wellbeing that chanting Mantra brings? Then register your interest in my upcoming, 4-week online mantra course below.

Registering your interest is 100% not-binding. The course will take place in February 2021. I’ll contact you in early January with the complete course information for you to decide if you’d like to attend. As there is a livestream element to the course, the number of places will be limited. Please leave your email below to ensure your chance to get into the course.

*This course will be offered in English & and also in German

This work was amazing! Kirbanu taught me to let my complete voice out!

Kelly SendenProject Manager, France

Working with Kirbanu is so much fun! Her exercises are easy to understand and practice.

Daria HabermannSmall Business Owner - Germany

I felt so encouraged & inspired learning from Kirbanu!

Lisa GackleYoga Teacher, South Australia

She completely transformed how I use my voice to speak, teach and sing!

Melanie MellerSmall Business Owner - Germany

Why Use Mantra

A mantra is a sacred word or phrase with vibrational power that’s repeated during meditation. Mantras come from an ancient tradition of using sacred sounds to shine light on aspects of ourselves we wish to heal, transform or understand deeper. 

Repeating mantra is a transformative experience that opens us to new possibilities. It calms our minds, opens us up to joy and strengthens our connection to pure Consciousness. A regular mantra practice helps us experience the unity of being, become more aware of ourselves and thus our life takes on deeper meaning.

The Power of Mantra Singing

Singing mantras helps us develop our unique voice and, at the same time, experience a tangible communion with the mysteries of Being.

By repeatedly singing mantras our mind lets go of external distraction, focusing instead on the sensations within. We refine the intention of our meditation, tuning into the Divine quality we wish to awaken in us. We experience sacred sound pulsing inside us, feeling it opening, awakening and transforming the blocks held in our being.

As the repetition continues and our concentration intensifies, we soften open, surrendering into the moment and our felt experience of it. The mantra consumes our focus as we seek to become the energy of what we chant or sing.

The Benefits of Mantra Practice

Repeating Mantra can lead to countless, often unexpected benefits. Through curiosity and practice, you may find a regular mantra singing or chanting practice helps you to:

  • Calm your mind, promoting clarity, focus, and ease in your daily life
  • Improve your level of awareness of yourself and others
  • Strengthen your unique voice
  • Encourage your self-expression
  • Boost your confidence
  • Refine your listening skills
  • Increase your receptivity to the opportunities around you
  • Transform negative beliefs
  • Feel supported by life
  • Deepen your belief in yourself
  • Ultimately, lead a more fulfilling life
Online Mantra Course

Register Your Interest for the Upcoming Course Now!

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