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Podcast Episode #39 – Double business babe!

Living your Yoga

Tune in to this inspiring episode with Yoga Nora, double business babe and mom of two. The way Nora shares herself and the principles of yoga is truely beautiful. Nora helps people using the tools of yoga to have a deeper, empowered connection to their essence. In this episode Nora and I chat all about being connected to the universe, helping people come home to their authentic self, and living their yoga! Nora’s experience of tuning into her inner self, and finding self love, is truly inspiring and will have you jumping to join her for one of her yoga teacher trainings!

Stay in Touch with Yoga Nora

Want to connect more with Nora personally and see how she uses the tools of yoga to have a deeper, empowered connection to yourself? Connect with Nora through her Instagram or check out her online yoga studio!

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