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Podcast Episode #30 – Living Your Art

Living Your Art

You absolutely need to hear this episode with Yvonne Lamberty, an artist, singer, near death experiencer, and divine soul! We dive into living your art, manifesting your dreams, staying connected to spirit and so much more.

Yvonne speaks about the need to have courage as a business owner and artistic and how sometimes it is easy to get stuck in fear, a relatable topic for everyone walking through life. Throughout the episode, Yvonne explains how to harness the courage to move from a place of fear and into the heart space. She says fear can be our biggest teacher and key to the next level. When living in her heart space, she is able to create, and offer that to the universe.

This episode will leave you ready to move through your biggest blockages and ready to live in your art daily. What do you create from your heart space?

Stay in Touch with Yvonne

Want to learn more about channelling your art, Yandalas and more? Then get in touch with Yvonne via her website or contact her on Instagram. She’d love to connect with you there!

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