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Podcast Episode #24

How to use your voice effectively! Part 1

Your voice is your most powerful resource to express yourself. It affects how others see you and the influence you have. So is yours having the impact you know it can? Do you know how to use your voice effectively?

The problem is; just because you can speak, doesn’t mean you’re accessing the full range of your vocal potential when you do. In fact, overtime through misuse and the misguided beliefs we take on, we knowingly or not, limit our voice. This is a very physical experience. And the problem is that, accumulated overtime, this misuse can lead to any of the following vocal problems:

  • Fatigue or voice loss from speaking
  • No power or volume to your voice
  • Hoarseness, itching or a scratchy, burning sensation in your throat
  • Feeling as though your voice is trapped in your throat
  • Experiencing breathlessness when using your voice
  • Having an unstable sound to your voice or an uncontrolled pitch
  • Having your voice break, drop out, or crackle when speaking
  • Having a thin sounding voice

These are just some mechanical issues that can happen when we don’t access and use our complete voice. This doesn’t even touch on the emotional-psychological impact of not being able to express ourselves!

In order to correct vocal misuse, we have to return to the support systems of the voice; our posture and our breath. To access your complete voice and use it with power and impact, you need to learn correct posture, and it’s how to breathe when speaking.

Show Notes – How to use your voice:

  • 2:21 – What is your voice?
  • 4:15 – The mechanical voice
  • 5:16 – How posture affects your voice
  • 7:54 – The Role of Breath on the Voice: How breathing influences your voice
  • 10:47 – First breath exercise for speaking
  • 14:23 – Second breath exercise for speaking

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