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Podcast Episode #41 – How to love your voice!

Love Your Voice!

In this week’s solo episode Kirbanu shares all about how to free your voice, by loving your voice. In addition, Kirbanu talks all about one of her favorite topics that she is so passionate about. This topic is how to Free Your Voice and how to have a loving, embodied relationship, with your own voice. By having a loving relationship with your voice, you can unlock some of your internal blocks. Therefore, allowing you to have free expression with your voice and the words you use! Kirbanu speaks about the key to loving your voice and freeing your voice through self love. Without self love, we tend to forget about everything else. We get stuck in judging ourselves, comparing ourselves, and being afraid to say the things we want.

Throughout this episode Kirbanu encourages and helps you to uncage your voice. Not only does she talk about loving your voice she also shares her experience at a festival where she was teaching mantra workshops. At this festival she witnessed rooms full of people, letting their voice out, and loving their voice. Kirbanu ends the episode by sharing the same tools her students at the festival used to unlock their voices so you too, can love your voice.

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