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Bhakti, self-love and the voice… Perhaps these topics sound far apart from one another to you? In my 1-to-1 voice empowerment coaching work, and even in my singing coaching with clients, I see time and time again that they aren’t.

I’m convinced our voice is one of the most powerful tools for personal transformation that we possess. And having a free voice allows us to express our needs and speak our truth in any situation. No more nervousness when speaking or struggling to find the right words. A free voice lets us say what we want to say, no matter what!

It Can Be Easy…

Our voice is created through processes inside us. It’s embodied. When we tone, we can feel the vibrations of our voice moving through us. And, when I coach my clients, I teach them to use these vibrations as a tool for their own healing and release. This technique is powerful, and yet it’s also simple. It’s a way of working that is grounded and anchored in your felt experience of yourself. And that’s what I LOVE about it!

We are essentially energy and space. And we can use this understanding to consciously release stagnant blocks within: on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. So I love giving workshops and teaching about bhakti.

To identify with the essence of Bhakti – the path of Love – I guide participants to connect to their hearts. First through a heart connect meditation, then through toning and then mantra chanting. All this to release blocks and feel the ecstasy a free voice brings 🙂

I can tell you that after each 90-minute session, there are tears, laughter, joy and a lot of empowered voices! Want to try it with me?

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Try this free voice technique

  1. Take a slow, deep breath all the way down to your feet.
  2. Take another deep breath, and softly sigh it out through your mouth.
  3. Now, place your right hand upon your heart and take time to feel this connection to yourself. You may wish to rub your right thumb gently across your chest. Do this in a tender, gentle way.
  4. Rest here for 5 slow breaths. With every in-breath, imagine your heart centre expanding, with every breath out, soften there. Continue to rub your thumb across your chest, allowing yourself to receive this loving touch.
  5. Now begin deepening your breath out, and as you do, allow yourself to make sounds. Start by toning mmm. Repeat this slowly, at least 10 times. Imagine this experience to be delicious, like chocolate for your heart! MMM, mmm, mmmmmmm!!! With every tone, feel the vibrations of your voice in your chest. Imagine that you are loosening up any blocks in this area. Let your voice out, gently.
  6. Continue step 5 for 5 to 10 minutes, pausing as you need to feel the echo in your body and be present to the sensations.
  7. At the end, return to the awareness of your breath gently flowing in and out. Take time in this space to be present to your experience.
  8. If you wish to give yourself a big, gentle hug before finishing 🙂
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