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Express Your SELF! My Gift to You

Now you’ve begun your journey to free self-expression and stepping completely into your vocal power, I invite you to continue it through individual voice training sessions with me. My proven voice training technique will teach you to unlock your complete voice and use it with power and impact in any situation. During our sessions, you’ll learn to:

  • Channel your vocal power
  • Speak with confidence and authority
  • Get your voice heard in the way you want it to
  • Positively influence situations using your voice
  • Change your vocal tone, pitch and charisma for more impact
  • Transform any fears and judgements holding you back
  • Develop a positive relationship to your voice
  • Become the best communicator you can be
  • Effortlessly express yourself in any situation
  • Maintain your voice in a healthy and sustainable way

This is a one-of-a-kind training for speaking or for singing.  It’s based on my twenty years’ experience as a professional singer and voice coach. In it, I design a program targeted to your specific needs and wishes to help you overcome any blocks, difficulties or challenges holding you back from your free expression.

As a gift for joining my free course, I’m gifting you 10% off  your first 5-card of sessions with me. Book a trial session with me to learn more about my offer and teaching methods, today.

I look forward to helping you release your unique voice!


Kirbanu xox

Whether your goal is to find your genuine teaching voice, to speak with more power or sing with confidence, I can help you.

Book your trial 45 minute online coaching session with me and experience how quickly transformation can happen!

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