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Podcast Episode #31 – Flower Essences

Harnessing the Power of Flowers

If you have ever been curious about flower essences and the power they can have in your life, or if you’re feeling the call to get back into nature and re-alignment with your true rhythm, then stay tuned to this super exciting chat with Katie. We cover everything from how consuming flower essences helps us connect with nature, to how nature reminds us of our true selves, to how putting ourselves first is important for a successful business.

This information filled and grounding chat will leave you wanting to run into the forest and tune in with all 5 of your senses!

Stay in Touch with Katie

Want to learn more about the power of flower essences and how you can use them in your own life? Then get in touch with Katie via her company website or contact her on Instagram. She’d love to connect with you there!

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