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Connecting to courage

Finding the Courage to Change and Conquer Fears

Finding courage has been a necessity for me. As a kid, my teachers said that I was very quiet and shy. It was true! I wasn’t connected to anything that felt like courage. I often felt fearful and was happier to be in the background rather than centre stage.

My dreams, and the way I wanted to live my life, demanded that I find my courage… I remember the first time I travelled alone, I was 23 and I flew to India. I was terrified, but I did it. The first time I performed my original music to an actual audience on a stage. My legs trembled, my fingers could barely play the guitar, and sometimes my voice squeaked, but I did it. I also remember packing up my life in New Zealand, quitting music school and moving across the other side of the world, to Germany (where I literally didn’t understand a word spoken!). I was so scared. I thought, “What if I fail? What am I going to do then?”

Oh my dear, but what if you fly?

You are Courageous!

Yes you. Because courage is about feeling fear and doing it anyway. We do that thing we are afraid of. I know, the mind is crafty. When the thoughts come up, when the mind tells you all the reasons why you should NOT do the thing you want to… when your body shakes or even goes numb with fear, and your anxiety is high….


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A Tip to Develop Courage

Turn within. Connect to the part of you that’s afraid. Tell it, it’s OK to be scared. Ask it what it needs. Give yourself love and compassion. DON’T give up on yourself. Notice the fearful part, take it by the hand: feel the fear and do it anyway.

Imagine sending love to that part of yourself… I know that can be difficult, but love is the way we change.

That fearful part might need time, and that’s OK. Give it time, but don’t walk away.

The thoughts may never go away. And that’s OK too! Send them love.

And then, do the thing you want to do, anyway.

Because courage is about showing up for yourself no matter what. It means lovingly embracing your fearful parts, and walking with them, step by step, to your goal. Even when your legs are shaking and your voice is breaking. Never quit on yourself.

Instead, my mantra to you is: feel the fear and do it anyway!

Kirbanu xox

Looking to Nurture Your Relationship with You?

Download your free,

Guided Meditation to Deepen Self-love.

Get it Here!
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