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Podcast Episode #53

Female powerhouses to inspire!

Don’t miss out on this divine episode with the beautiful, shakti, embodied and empowered, Jelena Devi. Jelena is a powerhouse and you can feel it as she talks. Jelena’s main focus is feminine empowerment. In this episode she talks about embodiment, what it means to be a women, what it means to be in a feminine body, how we block ourselves from our own female embodiment, how we can claim our power as women, and so so much more. Don’t hesitate, listen in, and get ready to feel inspired!

What is female embodiment?

Female embodiment is all about fully embracing and embodying your female identity. It’s about developing a deep understanding and appreciation for your body, recognizing its unique strengths and beauty, and finding empowerment and joy in being a woman. And I know, this isn’t always easy. In fact in the world of social media and unrealistic body norms, appreciating and valuing our uniqueness as women – both inside and on the outside – can be a serious challenge!

Many of us struggle with allowing ourselves to truly embody what it means to be a woman and all that comes along with female embodiment. Societal pressures tell us we should have a certain appearance or fit into a seriously narrow definition of what “beauty” is in order for us to feel valued and worthy as women. These kinds of messages and this style of conditioning can lead to us shutting ourselves down and actually disconnecting from our bodies – from our female power and from all of the innate beauty that comes with living in a female body. 

That’s where embracing a path towards female embodiment can help us women open ourselves up to a whole new world of possibilities. We can learn to step into our body, to access it, and reconnect to its innate wisdom. We can practice exercises that help us feel at home within our female form by moving in ways that feel good, by nourishing ourselves with healthy foods, self-care and self-love practices. All the things that help us step away from society’s dictation about who we should be or how we should appear as women, and rather to help us learn how to celebrate our individuality and strengths.

One fun and inspiring way to explore our feminine form in a grounded, nourishing and embodies way, is through movement practices like dancing or practicing yoga. These activities can help us reconnect with our bodies. They help us feel into who we are on an innate, physical level, not only allowing us to build strength and flexibility, but to help us resource and tap into our feminine energy. With every move and breath, we can cultivate a deeper sense of connection with ourselves and our femininity, leading to a greater sense of joy and fulfillment in our lives. This joy flows from us into the world. It changes how we experience and interact with our surroundings, and how the world sees and interacts with us.

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Jessica, GermanyHuman Resources

Kirbanu trains so much more than just the voice. Her work transforms the body, mind and soul. Kirbanu uses playful exercises and effective techniques to help me connect to my authentic voice and change any block or beliefs holding me back. And she does it with a lot of heart and humour!

Marie Brauburger, GermanyText & Copywriting Coach

Voice training with Kirbanu is really fun! She creates a trusting atmosphere and has an incredible number of tips on how to use and cultivate your own voice. I've only had a few sessions, and I'm already seeing huge progress 🙂 Speaking freely in front of the camera is much easier for me now!

Samantha, GermanySocial Media Manager

Thanks to Kirbanu, I see my voice as a tool that shows me in which situations I can relax more or where there may still be issues or beliefs that need to be resolved. I trust myself and my voice more now!

Kelly, FranceProject Manager

This work was amazing! Kirbanu taught me to let my whole voice out!

Diana, GermanyAuthor & Psychologist, Germany

Kirbanu has been with me for 6 months now and a lot has happened in different areas of my life, because the voice also represents so many beliefs, topics and wounds in us... Our self-expression, lived out freely and safely, opens up many doors and gives us a whole new quality of life. I'm so grateful for this work!

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