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Podcast Episode #46 – Expression of Self!

Why are we so afraid of self-expression?!

Join in and listen to another solo episode where Kirbanu discussing the importance of your voice and the importance around expression of self! Don’t run for the hills! Kirbanu knows that this topic is scary for a lot of people for so many reasons, and in this episode she explains why you shouldn’t run anymore. And she answers the question: why are we so afraid of expression? What stops us from expressing ourselves?

Kirbanu gets vulnerable with us sharing the hard journey she had to overcome becoming a singer herself. Including a story about her first voice coach telling her that her voice was not good enough. Kirbanu discusses how your voice, and your expression of self, is linked to more than just speech. Yourself-expression is linked to everything, it’s linked to childhood trauma, societal expectations, your posture, your self confidence, and etc. Self-expression is a fundamental human need, and it breaks Kirbanu’s heart to hear about the self-judgement people give themselves around how they express themselves, especially how they sing, and that is why Kirbanu does what she does. And she does it beautifully. In this episode you can hear the passion, and compassion that Kirbanu has for the work she does. This episode will surely touch your heart.

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