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Podcast Episode #44 – Embodied Connections

Let’s get embodied…

In this week’s episode Kirbanu talks to Caro, a German-American. Caro is an inspiring yoga teacher, breathwork guide, psychologist, and coach with a focus on embodied connections. Caro and Kirbanu touch on the topic of shifting from a job that doesn’t feel fulfilling to a job that is embodied, and inspiring. Kirbanu and Caro are equally passionate about the topic of embodiment and you can feel it in the energy when they’re chatting. They touch on the topics of what being embodied means to them, and how Caro uses it in her everyday work. Caro mentions how being embodied can be a tool for self healing, and how embodiment is a connection between the body and one’s self. Caro states the emotions are the language of the body. Listening to your emotions and feeling them in your physical body, allows you to connect with your divine self.

Using yoga, Caro believes her clients are able to feel into their body. To get an embodied connection with themselves. Kirbanu talks about how yin yoga and being embodied directly relates to the voice work she does as well. During the episode Caro even gives some ideas for different yin yoga exercises that will help you have an embodied connection with yourself! So let yourself be soft, drop into space, and let’s see what comes up, in this super inspiring episode…

Stay in Touch with Caro

Do you want to stay in touch with Carolina and learn all about her Embodied YOU Coaching Program: 4 month program with 12 sessions of coaching, yoga and embodiment and other goodies. Connect with Carolina on her website or through instagram!

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