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Podcast Episode #55

Unleashing Profound Healing with Crystal Singing Bowls

In this week’s episode I sit down with Doctor Lisa Schuster, founder of the sound institute Germany. Throughout this episode we explore the concept of finding resonance, uncovering your unique resonance frequency, and discovering the immense power of sound through crystal singing bowls. Dr. Lisa Schuster, with her vast knowledge and experience, enlightens us on the incredible benefits that crystal singing bowls can bring to our lives.

We delve into how crystal singing bowls can help us achieve greater balance, inner peace, and harmony. Furthermore, we discover how they can be a source of inspiration, infusing our daily lives with a renewed sense of purpose and creativity. Lisa also shares her personal journey, revealing her transition from the medical field to the profound realm of sound healing.

Prepare to be captivated by the transformative potential of sound and its ability to create harmony in our lives. Tune in to this enlightening episode and discover the wondrous world of crystal singing bowls with Lisa Schuster.

Revitalizing Harmony: with crystal singing bowls

In our fast-paced, hyper intense world, where many of us suffer from stress and the resulting health issues, the search for inner peace has become widespread. As we look forward towards our own healing, we also find ourselves looking back and rediscovering old age practices, like sound healing, to support us. 

One tool in the sound healing world that has become popularised in recent times for its sonic beauty and ability to bring us into resonance is crystal singing bowls, whose extraordinary benefits can help us effortlessly return to balance, harmonise mind, body and soul, and as Lisa so well said in our podcast chat, help one find their resonant frequency. 

Crafted meticulously from quartz crystal, a potent energy conductor, crystal singing bowls possess an inherent ability to produce soothing vibrations that permeate our bodies. As their tones and harmonics resonate, our entire system – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – is supported in returning to balance. By supporting us internally to reestablish balance, crystal singing bowls offer a transformative for self-regulation and healing, helping to reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue.

 Crystal Singing Bowls and Your Resonant Frequency

Returning to our resonant frequency and inner balance can help us open up to our broader potential. When the weight of stress is lifted, and we feel “back in balance,” our energy is freed up. We can become more inspired and creative. We can receive new ideas and insights. We have more vitality and are freer to enjoy our lives with more vigour.

What makes crystal singing bowls, and sound healing in general, so attractive as a supportive tool to help us reduce stress and return to balance, is their ease. One can simply join a local sound healing event, lay down and experience gentle transformation. Another option is to have the singing bowls at home, or in the office, that you can play when you feel you need extra support or to de-stress. 

The wonderful benefit of these simple, beautiful and deeply resonant tools, is that they support us in lowering our brain waves into an alpha or theta state. This is the state needed for the body’s natural healing and recovery to take place. So in essence crystal singing bowls can be a very supportive, simple tool to help us lower stress, return to balance and as Lisa so beautifully says, find our resonant frequency. 

 Finding Crystal Singing Bowls for You

Choosing the right crystal singing bowls is a journey into both personal resonance and the specific intentions behind your healing or meditative practices. The first step in selecting your crystal singing bowls involves understanding the different sizes and notes these bowls offer. Each size and note of crystal singing bowls correspond to different chakras and can evoke distinct emotional and physical responses.

Larger crystal singing bowls will produce deeper, more grounding tones, ideal for those looking to enhance meditation or address root chakra imbalances. Conversely, smaller crystal singing bowls yield higher pitches, which are perfect for working on the upper chakras, such as the third eye or crown, facilitating clarity and spiritual connection. Therefore, consider what aspects of your health and well-being you wish to nurture when choosing the size and note of your crystal singing bowls.

Moreover, the quality and type of crystal used in the singing bowls also play a crucial role. Most crystal singing bowls are made from pure quartz, known for its clear, resonant properties and ability to amplify energy. However, bowls can also be found that incorporate gemstones or precious metals, each adding their unique vibrational qualities to the bowl’s sound. For instance, a rose quartz crystal singing bowl can enhance feelings of love and compassion, while an amethyst crystal singing bowl might support intuition and mental clarity.

When selecting crystal singing bowls for you, hold space for a moment of connection with the bowls. Play them and listen not just with your ears, but with your heart and body. The right bowls should resonate with you personally, creating a sense of harmony and attunement from the first note. Remember, the journey to finding your crystal singing bowls is as much about tuning in to your inner frequencies as it is about the bowls’ specific characteristics.

If you’re curious to experience the power of the singing bowls for yourself, take a listen to one of Lisa’s free crystal bowl sound baths here: 

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