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Podcast Episode #35 – Branding as an Holistic Iceberg

Conscious Branding for Soul Expression!

In this week’s episode, I interview the inspiring, sensitive, and über creative Tanita Schneider. Tanita is a designer, conscious branding, and corporate brand specialist for meaningful entrepreneurs. Tanita combines her love for design and brand strategy to help make people visible in this crazy digital world!

In this episode she shares with us what brand design means, how she uses her creative energy, and how branding is so much more than what we realise. Pull out the pen and paper because Tanita shares so much amazing information in this super impactful episode that you’re going to want to record it!

Stay in Touch with Tanita

Want to learn more about Tanita’s agency, conscious branding and Tanita’s online programs? Then get in touch with her via her website or contact her on Instagram. She’d love to connect with you there!

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