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Podcast Episode #40 – Germany’s FIRST Ayurvedic Festival

Mareike, Ayurvedic coach!

In this episode, I chat with the beautiful Mereike. I call her the beautiful Mereike because she is truly a beautiful soul. Mereike is a voice coach, a yoga teacher, and Ayurvedic lifestyle coach. Mereike chats about her business mindset, her journey, and how she has believed in herself to follow her dreams of starting Germany’s first ever Ayurvedic festival. What makes this festival so special is that this Ayurvedic Festival is all in the service of others. Everyone working at the festival is working as a volunteer. All of the funds from the festival are going towards her charity that she has launched which is all about opening a school in Africa with the ayurvedic principles behind it.

This episode was a wonderful example why I love having guests on this podcast. I love sharing about empowered women who are connected to voice, connected to their message, and sharing their creative essence through their voice. By showing you these powerful women who are connected to their voice, I hope, inspires you to know you can too! I hope this episode leaves you feeling just as inspired as I have been left. If you are interested in attending the Ayurvedic festival you will find the link in the show notes!

Join the Ayurvedic Festival +  Stay in Touch with Mereike

Want to learn more about the Ayurvedic festival, her ayurvedic coaching or her yoga teaching. Then get in touch with Mereike via her website or contact her on Instagram. She’d love to connect with you there!

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