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Podcast Episode #43 – From Western medicine to Ayurveda wellness!

Let’s talk about wellness!

What does freedom truly mean? In this episode I chat with the amazing Dr. Nadine Webering who goes into answering this question for us. Not only does Nadine talk about what freedom means to her but she also goes into depth about how she made the jump from being in a bustling career as a doctor and moving into practicing and using ayurveda. Nadine talks about how the shift from western message and working with ayurveda didn’t feel like a big shift but was more of a missing puzzle piece from her practice as a western medicine doctor. Not only does Dr. Nadine Webering use ayurveda on her clients but she also uses it in her own everyday life to heal herself. Western medicine is often focused on treatment of illnesses where using ayurveda is more about overall wellness and prevention to Nadine.

Though we spend a lot of the episode talking about ayurvedic medicine we also went into chatting about pranayama, and yoga, and how Nadine has brought these offerings into her repertoire of wellness tools and teaches them to her students now! Nadine’s journey in the wellness community is truly inspiring and I know this episode will have you jumping to add ayurvedic medicine, pranayama, and yoga into your wellness routines as well!

Stay in Touch with Dr. Nadine Webering

Want to learn more about Nadine’s trainings and ask her more about how she uses ayurveda, pranayama, and yoga for overall wellness? Connect with her on her instagram or check out her website and trainings.

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