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Podcast Episode #27 – You Carry the Entire Universe Within You!

All About Human Design, plus so much more!

In this quirky and inspiring interview, I chat with Stephanie Loeber from All About Human Design, about personal development, self-expression and the power of Human Design in personal transformation. The leading expert on the topic in the German-speaking world, Stephanie is as informative as she is authentic.

A dear soul, who’s deep passion in evident in every word she speaks, in our chat Stephanie explains how she got into Human Design, what it means to be the leading expert for training in her field, and how she’s managing the explosive growth of her business. A former voice coaching client of mine before beginning her own podcast, we chat about the necessity of voice quality, vocal confidence and self-expression as businesswomen.

Towards then end of our inspiring chat, Stephanie kindly guides me through a reading of my own Human Design chart and shares a future business plan she’s never before revealed publicly!

Warning, this chat contains a lot of love, laughter and inspiration.

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