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2023 Online Courses, plus Yoga & Surf Retreat Morocco

No matter where you are, no matter what life is currently presenting you – may you find the time to connect within, to that inner citadel, that untouchable, blissful stillness that lies inside. May you communicate with it, and nourish it. And by listening to your depth, may the inspiration you need to create 2023 in an unlimited and beautiful way, come to you.

And as I know how busy everyone can be, I wanted to share my 2023 Online Courses, plus my Nov Yoga & Surf Retreat in Morocco with you! Below you’ll find everything you need to know about the upcoming courses and yoga retreat 🙂

2023 Online Mantra Course

Experience the Bliss of Bhakti

May 7 – 28

If you wish to deep dive into the world of mantra, Bhakti and the healing power of sound, then this course is for you! You’ll learn to access your unique voice, develop your individual sound and enrich any area of your life, all through the power of mantras. I offer the course in English & German and take only 15 people into it. You can learn more here:

2023 Online Voice & Expression Course

Express Your SELF!

June 19 – July 10

This course is designed to help you revolutionise your relationship to yourself and your voice. In it, we go into depth on the topics of self-expression, self-acceptance, self-love, self-confidence, changing limiting beliefs, boundary setting and more. You’ll learn what it means to express your authentic voice and to use this as your most powerful tool for transformation and healing. I offer the course in English & German and take only 15 people into it. You can learn more here:

2023 Yoga & Surf Retreat, Morocco

Unleash Your Shakti!

Nov 20 – Nov 27

Join me and Susann Kind for this unforgettable, inspiring journey into the vibrancy of your feminine essence, the ecstasy of Bhakti and the spirit of the ocean in our 2023 Unleash Your Shakti! Yoga & Surf Retreat, Morocco.

In this enlivening week together you’ll get to: Unleash your inner Goddess, channel your expressive spark, and come into deep contact with your feminine essence through a mixture of yoga, conscious surfing, music & chanting, ceremony & celebrations, expressive workshops, creative inspirations, sunshine, beach vibes, endless ocean moments and time for you to simply be.

This retreat will be offered in German, and places are limited to 14 people. If you’d like to join, save the dates Nov 20-27 and let me know soon! You can find out more here:

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