Music for Yoga

Songs and Mantras to deepen your flow state

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Music nourishes the soul.

It takes us on a journey that enhances our wellbeing.

Both music and yoga involve concentration and surrender, the two activities that allows us to enter flow states, leading towards greater joy and fulfillment.

Drawing upon ten years of yoga, performance, songwriting and mindfulness practice, I create unique, asana inspired melodic experiences to flow within.

Flow is the secret to happiness. It makes a life worth living.

M. Csikszentmihalyi

Yoga + Live Music Events

Kirbanu deeply touched my heart with her voice and energy. It was magical to experience

Nadine MamanHolistic Health Coach, Australia

When we combine yoga with live music…

…a heart-opening, meditative experience unfolds.

Synchronising our breath to our movement and the beat, we flow on every note. The music pulls us deeper into our practice and into the current of consciousness we exist within.

During a live event I perform my songs and mantras during a special yoga class oriented around a specific theme. These events are designed for us to step out of our daily space, connect together in community and enhance our sense of wellbeing.

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