Three different workshop for your growth and happiness

Vocal Freedom Workshop (Level 1, 2 & 3)

Re/Discover your Joy in Singing

Do you enjoy singing? Have you ever longed to feel confident with your singing voice? Would you like to expand upon your vocal current understanding and to experience your instrument in deeper ways?
If yes, then the vocal freedom technique is for you where you will.

Freedom through Mantra Singing

Sing from the depth of your Heart

Are you interested in singing mantras but are unsure where to being? Do you wish to experience the self-awareness and heart expansiveness that working with mantras brings? Would you like to sing in a way that celebrates the beauty of life?
If yes, then please have a closer look at this beautiful workshop where you will…

Creative Freedom

Channel Inspirations and find your Flow

Do you enjoy creative activities and would like to be more creative? Do you wish to discover new techniques that will inspire your creative flow? Would you like to find ways to put your analytical self aside and to experience new levels of creative freedom?