Online Vocal Coaching

Holistic Vocal Lessons That Integrate Body, Mind & Emotions

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Online Vocal Coaching

Holistic Vocal Lessons That Integrate Body, Mind & Emotions

I offer personalised online vocal lessons that you can do on your time, from the comfort of your own home. If you are someone who wishes to better understand your voice, to speak and sing with more confidence, or to take your singing to the next level, then this approach is for you!

Grounded on the principles of self-awareness and vocal science, our sessions will empower you though de-mystifying what the voice is, how it works, as well as how your thoughts, feelings and body affect your voice.

During our work together you’ll:
  • Understand how to use and project your voice skillfully
  • Learn breathing techniques to support your voice
  • Free yourself from fears that arise when speaking or singing
  • Work with emotions as methods of vocal empowerment
  • Work with self-acceptance and mindfulness as tools for growth
  • Sing with greater understanding and confidence
  • Discover the joy and freedom that singing brings

“The singing lessons with Kirbanu are very mindful. With her great sense for music she knows how to bridge technique into experience letting people find their own individual way of developing with joy and enthusiasm. Each lessons leaves you with a resonance of harmony in the heart.”

Co-owner Yoga Zentrum HeidelbergKarin Franz

“Kirbanu was really warm and easy to work with and invited me to bring my own choice of songs which gave me the freedom to work on the things I loved the most. The lessons allowed me to approach singing in a whole new way and with really small concepts. From her I noticed a big change right away. I can’t wait to do more!”

Co-owner Power Living Yoga, AdelaideTessa Leon

Whether your goal is to sing the lead on Broadway, to speak with more confidence or to sing Mantras during your next yoga class, I’m here for you.
You can easily book your free 20 minute online trial lesson with me and let your unique voice shine!

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