Be the Best Singer You Can Be

To me, a true singer is one who not only uses brilliant technique, but one who expresses themself artistically. In my experience, vocal artistry comes from a variety of things including, musicality and dynamics. Most of all, however, it comes from emotional expression.

When I sing, I love to tell stories. To paint pictures and adjust moods simply through changing the way I am sharing an emotion: its intensity, its texture, and its nuances. For me it is all of the little things lying in the way a song is expressed that make it convincing.

I’m not a stage diva. Nor am I interested in blowing anyone away with vocal power. Rather I wish to move people deeply through the way I express a song. I believe it is this connection that is truly powerful.

From Rock to Jazz, from Country to my own original music, my wish is to connect to my audience expressively.

I developed my voice over time through passion, dedication, and practice. And that’s really all it takes, isn’t it? Having a goal and working towards it.

My goal is – and trust me I’m still working on it – to be the best singer that I can be. What is yours? Whether your goal is to rock the stage or to sing confidently amongst friends, I believe my vocal technique will work for you. How do I know this? Because it is has worked for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not offering a strategy on how to make you a diva, nor will your journey be effortless. But, if you are willing to work, then I can help you: Join in on a vocal workshop that I am holding in your area. Contact me directly to get advice or to book a free trial lesson, and stay updated on all of my vocal tips and tricks through my Vocal Tidbits Blog.

Remember don’t let anything get in the way of your dreams. Embrace and empower your unique voice!