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How you are in the morning, sets the tone for the rest of your day. If you’re rushed and stressed, dressing yourself whilst drinking coffee, then it’s likely you’ll experience your entire day as rushed and stressed too! That’s why a positive morning practice is essential to sidestep stress, fuel positivity and help you create the day you want.

The Mindful Morning Practice is a empowering framework to start your day within. In under ten minutes it transforms anxiety and uncertainty, priming you to begin your day with clarity, curiosity and a growth mindset. It trains you to change behaviours patterns that hold you back as well as stamp out negative states of mind.

The Mindful Morning Practice improves your ability to experience happiness and your overall life enjoyment. When done consistently it has been known to change lives!

Through daily practice you’ll learn to navigate challenges with self-awareness and calm, allowing you to create the day, and therefore the life, you wish for. This practice contains 9 reflective questions focusing on 3 main areas: priming to positive states, self-reflection + behaviour, foreshadowing + visualising.

The Mindful Morning Practice

by Kirbanu

Sign up now to get 20% off the Mindful Morning Practice E-Book upon release in September!