Become the singer
you've always dreamt of.

Embrace & Empower Your Unique Voice


Please don’t tell my husband but I’m having a wild, passionate affair… with the voice!

Seriously, vocal science turns me on. I just love being lost in how this incredible instrument works, and using that understanding when I sing. It’s amazing!
Take a peak inside to learn more about my journey, where my vocal technique comes from and why I left a classical career in science for a life of travel and music.

Kirbanu's Background
Personal Vocal Coaching

Become the Singer You’ve Always Dreamt Of…


Be the Best Singer You Can Be

The voice is this incredible instrument that lies within us. It’s so expressive. You can throw all of yourself into a song.
That feeling, when the voice is open, and you are sharing yourself expressively, is incredible. For me, it is a feeling of complete freedom.
If you’d like to hear me in action, or to find out how you can experience this sense of vocal freedom for yourself, then please click through into the next page.


Sharing my tools, knowledge and vocal techniques

Stemming from a desire to share the many vocal tools that I have developed through my own singing journey, these workshops are a concise summary of knowledge and vocal techniques.
Further, they are designed to lead the participant into guided experiences that create new awareness and understanding regarding how their individual, unique voice functions and the way they can use this voice for greater self-expression musically and personally.


Private Online Lessons for guided growth

Sometimes we need more specific guidance than what can be learned through group training or online information. For some of us, the personal contact of having a teacher give direct feedback to our specific vocal challenges is critical for growth. If this sounds like you, then take on my offer of a free 45 min online session…