Freedom through Mantras

Meditation and Breathing Techniques That Bring You Deeper into Yourself

Within this workshop we examine what mantra singing is, and explore both the meditation and breathing techniques that bring us deeper into ourselves, and into a heart-centered space.

Our aim within mantra singing is to experience a grounded self-awareness that focuses on the moment, allowing us to flow into and with the mantra. We will examine mantras from different cultures, clearly explain the meaning behind the words being sung, and explore the importance of rhythm and melody as musical keys to flow.

Basic singing techniques will also be covered, which look specifically at how to open the voice and to release physical tension, giving us more comfort, freedom and ease within the mantra.

Workshop Topics

  • Basic Vocal Techniques (resonance, posture, breathing)
  • Mantras explained (purpose, intention and meanings)
  • Meditation (breathing focus and heart centering)
  • Musicality of Mantras (text melody and rhythmic pulse)
  • Mantra singing

A CD containing each of the mantras sung is also included.

Duration: 3 hours
Cost: 50 € (incl. CD)