Creative Freedom

Explore Different Ways of Being Creative Without Judgment

Within this workshop we explore our relationship to ourselves through different creative mediums. Our goal is to experience varying ways of being creative without employing the faculty of judgment. We will learn to examine things from the perspective of innocence, allowing an open mind for creative inspiration and flow. Different techniques will be taught across varying creative fields.

Workshop Topics

  • Movement
    • Breathing exercises
    • Bodily awareness & mapping
    • Reactivity
    • Embodying states
    • Experiencing creative forms
  • Music
    • Experiencing tones
    • Improvisational toning
    • Working with emotions
    • Music & Movement
  • Writing
    • Sensory writing
    • Point writing
    • Story telling & flow
    • External writing triggers
  • Drawing
    • Sensory drawing
    • Experimenting with color
    • Experimenting with textures
    • Drawing & Emotions

Participants are encouraged to take home all works created throughout the workshop. The meditation and breathing exercises are given on a CD to all participants for home use.

Duration: 4 hours
Cost:  70 Euros including all materials & CD