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Nourishing short courses to improve your vocal understanding, use & confidence for speaking & singing

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You Are Your Voice! FREE Webinar

In this 30-minute Webinar you’ll learn:
  • overview of what the voice is
  • breakdown of the mechanical voice
  • postural alignment
  • basic breathing support exercises for speaking & singing
  • simple voice warm up techniques
  • simple resonance exercises

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You Are Your Voice! 4-Week Online Course for Yoga Teachers

Are you a yoga teacher or are you currently doing a yoga teacher training program? Do you want to feel more confident in your ability to express yourself and connect to your students? Would you like to know how to use your voice in a healthy, articulate manner that leaves you feeling empowered? Do you wish to learn to sing mantras in new ways that never leaves you searching for a melody to sing again?

Grounded in mindfulness practices and vocal science for speaking and singing, this 4-week online course is designed to give you a detailed understanding of how you can use your voice in the healthiest, most effective way to connect with your students meaningfully, conduct your classes with vocal confidence and ease, and sing mantras in ways that are uniquely yours.

Course Format:

The classes will be held once a webinar format where you’ll watch me sharing information and guiding you through exercises. During the classes you’ll learn voice theory and be given practical exercises that you’ll have the chance to apply.

The course comes with an optional workbook and audio exercises which support the content of each class, so that you can continue practicing what you learn in between the classes and after the course has finished.

Course Structure:
  • 4 x 75-Minute video online classes – one per week
  • Video replay of the class is included (for up to 3 months)
  • Continuous WhatsApp feedback & support is provided
  • Comprehensive Audio exercises are available
  • PDF Workbook supporting the course content is available
  • Optional 2 x 45 Minute private coaching

This is more than voice coaching! Kirbanu creates a space of awareness and self-acceptance, which was important for me because of my beliefs that I couldn't speak loudly or express myself properly. Within the first 3-hours, I learned more about being present in my body than in 500-hours of my Yoga Teacher Training. This completely transformed how I use my voice to speak and to sing!

Freelance Yoga TeacherMelanie Moers
After completing this course you will:
  • know how your voice works & how to use it in a healthy, confident way
  • understand how to project your voice effortlessly during class
  • know how to effectively share your message & intention with your students on a deeper level through your voice
  • feel certain in your ability to use your voice to create a mindful and loving space with your students during class
  • understand what to do when you’re feeling vocal fatigue during class
  • feel confident in your ability to express yourself to your students
  • have tools to help you deal with nervousness & anxiousness when speaking or singing mantras in class
  • know how to use melody, emotions and rhythm when you speak for more effect and impact
  • experience a deep connection to mantras as you sing
  • be able to develop your own mantra melodies
  • feel confident and happy about singing mantras with your students

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Online Mantra Workshop

Do you like singing mantras or chanting? Do you wish to learn more about what Mantras are and how to sing them wholeheartedly? This 2 hour workshop will help you do just that as well as give you an overall better understanding about how to use your voice.

The workshop concludes with a sing-a-long Kirtan where we’ll integrate all that we’ve learned in our time together. You’ll learn:

  • Vocal techniques to strengthen breathing and improve projection
  • How to use rhythm, melody and mantra meaning for wholehearted expression
  • How to use mantras as a tool for opening and concentration
  • How to sing with more ease
  • Meditation techniques for singing mantras

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Online Vocal Freedom Workshop

Do you enjoy singing? Have you ever longed to feel confident with your singing voice? Are you simply curious about “how to sing?” If yes, then the vocal freedom workshop is for you!

Grounded on the principles of self-awareness and vocal science, this workshop de-mystifies what our voice is, how it works, as well as how our thoughts, feelings and body affect vocal flow. Through it we’ll learn techniques to develop our voices as well as discover the joy and freedom that singing brings.

In the workshop you’ll learn:
  • The components of the voice
  • The breathing system and breathing techniques
  • Resonance techniques
  • Working with emotions for ease of singing

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