Embrace & Empower Your Unique Voice

Learn How to Breathe Correctly

Contrary to popular belief, one doesn’t simply wake up in the morning with a perfect singing voice. And rarely is one born with it. I know popularized television shows like Idol and X Factor would have us believe that this is the case: That there are stars out there, waiting in backwater suburbia to be discovered. Waiting to be handed their fame simply because they were born with the perfect voice. Sorry to disappoint you, but…

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Learn to Love Your Pee-Pee Point

Believe it or not but singing in fact has everything to do with going to the toilet. Everything. Let me give you a little background: For years I took lessons from varying vocal trainers. All of them elicited their own epic story regarding how I should breathe. The essence of each story was clear: don’t use a shallow, chest muscle controlled breath for singing. Rather, use a deeper belly breath. But what the hell does all…

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Bring Your Jaw Back Over Your Butt

I have an amazing yoga friend. She is also incredibly blunt. One day we were speaking about alignment problems and she told me something her teacher once said to her. In basic, crude terms: Get your jaw over your butt hole! I stood shocked. Crazy, acrobatic images rushed through my head. Finally she clarified: When you are standing, you should align your spine in such a way that your jaw, or actually your tongue, is…

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